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Freedom is personal to every American. It can be freedom of speech, individual freedom, religious freedom, financial freedom, freedom of choice. The list goes on, but Hulda Bachman and Jill Vecchio will speak about freedom on July 2nd in Estes Park at Performance Park.

Hulda Bachman was born in Indonesia, but spent 3½ years of her childhood in a Japanese concentration camp for Dutch colonials with her mother and brother while her father escaped the camps and served with the allied forces. Her mother was raped. When they were finally released, all their possessions, including their house, had been taken from them. She spent her life in Europe before coming to the United States in 1996 and she is proud of her American citizenship.

At the Freedom Rally, she will tell her personal story of what happens if “we don’t set out to do what we have to do. And that story is what happens when you lose your freedom.” She knows what it is like to lose freedom and she doesn’t want it to happen in the United States. She is here today because she says, “the Americans and their allies, but mainly the Americans, liberated us.”

“My family has seen hell,” she says with her soft European accent. When she shares her story of a concentration camp survivor you will believe in Freedom, and the greatness of America. “Freedom,” says Hulda, “should never be taken for granted.”

Dr. Jill Vecchio graduated with honors from the University of Colorado School of Medicine and is a trained breast imager, serving as Medical Director of the Red Rocks Breast and Imaging Centers. She is involved with Docs 4 Patient Care, a physician organization exposing the truth about “Obamacare” and working for its repeal. Her goal is to replace it with responsible, market-driven solutions.

Dr. Vecchio will speak at the Freedom Rally on July 2, giving her insiders take on health care freedom and how our lives are threatened by the takeover of healthcare by the government. She already sees financial ramifications, with billions being spent by individual physicians who are mandated to purchase computer systems that are compatible with the Obamacare system.

With the major implications of the law still two years off, Dr. Vecchio says “so many things haven’t taken affect yet that will affect individual patients.” She sites the mammogram screening recommendations that came from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), a government agency. This would take away the mammogram as a breast cancer screening tool, putting at risk basic health care. And that is just one small aspect of Obamacare which will affect patients.

In Dr. Vecchio’s opinion, “I think of freedom as a person’s ability to make decisions for themselves that they feel are most compatible with their hopes and ideals.”

Rick Starr’s dad was in World War II. He shot down 4 planes and Rick got his sense of patriotism from hearing stories from his dad. Rick says, “In the last two years, I’ve seen government get into businesses with regulations and firing CEOs, and it’s scary. Freedom to me is less government and more government by the people.”

Rick Starr writes his own music, and collaborates with his wife, Marietta. He’s been playing guitar since he was 16 years old and will play old Rock and Roll at the Freedom Rally. While living in Miami, he played with CC Riders, a backup band for soul singer Wayne Cochran. Rick’s website is shirah-music.com.

These illustrious speakers will be at the Freedom Rally in Performance Park on Saturday, July 2, starting at 1:00. Rick Starr will play his famous guitar starting at 12:40. The event is sponsored by the Estes Park Tea Party Patriots.

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