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By Helen Lefley

The Tea Party is a group of people who say they are taxed enough already and people who are concerned about our government’s assault on faith, freedom, and moral values. When we need funds to put an advertisement in the papers, to pay for the use of Bond Park, Performance Park, our website (TEALIBERTY.COM), or an ad in the Estes Park website.we pass a hat. Most everyone throws $20 or so. We don’t take money from any other group or organization. We then decide why, when, where we need to meet. We set up the chairs and clean up after ourselves. We feel it is our responsibility to act. This is our town, our state, and our country.

Other solutions we talk about are getting rid of the entitlement mentality, encouraging others to be actors (not spectators) in our towns, state and country, because We the People are responsible for our governmentWe must choose carefully who we want to run for our legislatures. We ask them to come and tell us what are their values and goals.. We, the Tea Party, cannot support any candidate, but we can sure investigate their standards and then support them individually if we approve of them.

Each one of us makes it his duty to vote . We don’t want to be victims of circumstances. We also pass out flyers to alert our neighbors to pending problems in the townat the same time we urge everyone to go out and vote his own conscience. We are very aware that the present administration is intent on getting rid of not only the U.S., but entire Western Civilization.

We don’t want to leave our children a country without liberty run by a lot of Harvard Elitists. We want our children and grand children to have the same advantages that we have had.

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By Glenn & Terry Smith

Are we the only people who are worried?

The health care bill is taking away our freedom and increasing our healthcare costs. This will be the first time that the government has mandated that you must buy a product or service. If the government can mandate that you must buy health insurance, they can mandate that if you are over weight you must join a government approved health club or diet plan at your expense. Goodbye chips, donuts and ice cream. Dear Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, can I have popcorn at the movies. Healthcare coverage and what is included is no longer up to each individual for their specific needs, but decided by a government bureaucrat who knows what is best for you.

So far some of the mandates include:

Children up to age 26 can remain under their parent’s healthcare coverage; employers now must include coverage for contraception and abortion just to name two.

No matter what your view on these issues you should be aware that it increases your health insurance cost. Insurance companies don’t pickup the added cost; they pass it on to you.

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By Flowells

It’s high time Americans who still cling at an emotional level  to support for this guy, stop and think using knowledge they already possess. We all know that every individual is a product of their environment, and we all know that the influence of one’s formative years is largely responsible for one’s values and beliefs, both of which are nearly impossible to alter.

Obama’s environment began in the non-western, intolerant world of Islam and graduated to the urban and ugly inner-city world of struggling people trapped within government dependency and still blaming their plight on history and also trapped within the sad reality that human beings, historically, take many generations to move beyond any wrongs perpetrated upon them by other human beings.

As an intelligent young man, he then moved into academia, surrounded by radical, tenured professors and liberal, unrealistic and yet-to-be tested-by-real-life, college-campus youth. From there, he eagerly carried all of this influence and environmental baggage into adulthood and began his quest to “right all of these wrongs” by organizing his community and declaring himself the pied piper of his version of fundamental change…utilizing his learned belief that somehow obtaining “fairness” for his community meant tearing down everything that America is, and was, in order to give birth to his vision of a more “correct” society.

Along the way, he continued to be a useful sponge soaking up the hatred, envy and get-even ideology of both living and dead radicals whose names we’ve all become familiar with…Karl Marx (infamous “Father of Communisim”); Prof. Bill Ayers (former leader of the terrorist Weather Underground); Saul Alysnsky (liberal community organizer in Chicago who wrote “Rules for Radicals“); Rev. Jeremiah Wright (preaches Black Liberation Theology); and Prof. Derrick Bell (radical academic at Harvard who spoke of ridding America of its Constitution).

Do you really still believe, knowing all of this and perhaps much more I haven’t addressed, that Barack Obama’s actions and reactions are somehow out of stupidity or naiveté? On the contrary, and your intellect knows it.

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Occupy With Tents!

Occupy With Tents! (Photo credit: Lincoln Adams)

by Mack Hunt

President Obama and other liberal supporters have said that the Occupy Party was their answer to and “just like” the Tea Party. Perhaps we can compare these movements by comparing some facts. I hope the public is interested in facts. There have been thousands of Tea Party rallies in the past 3 years and no Tea Party member has been arrested. In the past year, the Occupy Party has had over 4,200 arrests. These Occupy Party people were arrested for rape, drug possession, damaging police cars, drunkenness, concealed weapons, vandalism, trespassing, felony assault and other felonies . There were a couple of arrests of individuals that were protesting the Tea Party at two or three Tea Parties in the US, but no Tea Party members. The estimated arson damage by the Occupy Party was over 15 Million Dollars, which includes over 10 million dollars of arson in Colorado. There was no arson damage at any Tea Parties. The Occupy Party cost the US taxpayers well over 22 Million Dollars in property damages, police patrols and cleaning up their garbage. There was no reported cost to the Tax payers incurred by Tea Parties. The Occupy Party threw Molotov Cocktails to protest American values. None of this at any Tea Parties! The Occupy Party had antisemitic signs, rants and chants while they burned an Israeli flag. None at any Tea Parties. The Occupy Party was not only endorsed by the White House but they have also been endorsed and supported by the Socialist Party of America, The Nazi Party of America, Muslim Brotherhood, The Communist Party of America, Hezbollah, Iran, North Korea and many other anti-American groups. None of these groups have endorsed any Tea Party. I am sorry President Obama, but I do not see any similarities, but of course I never went to Harvard because I had to pay my own way through college. Regardless, I support the rights of the Occupy Party people to free speech and the right to peaceably assembly as granted by the Constitution. However, with those rights and privileges there also comes citizen responsibility.

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By Hulda Bachman

As a Dutch person, whose entire family and herself have known the denial of freedom and equality before the law in WWII, both in Europe and in the Pacific Rim, I want to explore the stages by which the citizens of a nation can be deprived of liberty and legal equality.

The objective of a just society is equality before the law. Obviously there is no other equality. There is no equality in nature, nor in intelligence, nor abilities and therefore in circumstances. The equality that is the objective of a socialistic system is an artificially imposed equality, a redistribution of wealth through government action. There is a lot of talk about “equality” these days, but much of it is dangerously misleading. In Germany before the Nazi’s there was a system of constitutional law which provided legal equality. But in Nazi Germany this had disappeared, there was no equality before the law. Therefore, the Jews, the genetically handicapped, homosexuals, gypsies, and all who were considered useless eaters, had no defense against the state.

Then there is propaganda. The ideas disseminated by governments through propaganda are potential threats to liberty. Propaganda is used by rulers to conceal their improper encroachments on the established limits of power. Many of these encroachments are seemingly of little consequence. But if they are not resisted they become larger and more ominous, a fact that the propagandists are well aware of.  So the lie is born. The lie proceeds more rapidly under a “popular” or “charismatic” leader.   An unattentive or willfully uninformed populace will fall victim to the demagoguery, the propaganda, the lies.  This is how it began in Nazi Germany. Hitler’s rise to power is a complicated business, but it followed this pattern, including the silencing of the opposition.

Today subtle but disturbing parallels can be found in our United States. Witness the demonizing of the opposition party and the refusal to consider its contrary opinions; the failure to hold favored parties, groups or individuals responsible for illegal activity; the cavalier disregard of constitutional and legal restrictions.

Even in a nation founded on the ideals of the supremacy of the law, little violations can start mounting. The usurpation of power begins here. The best protection for guaranteeing our equality and liberty is a jealous determination to resist any encroachment upon our constitutional protection and our personal freedoms as guaranteed under our system of law.

Elections, fair and legitimate, are our very first line of defense.

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by Mary Duryea

The big budget, big deficit, big regulation trajectory of our present administration appears headed toward big losses for small business and small towns. Consider the proposed 2013 budget that adds 1.3 trillion to the already astonishing national debt. There is no clear path forward to alleviate that debt. We could just expect our children to pay or we could increase taxes for those with incomes over $250,000. This presumes those “rich” folks are faceless and have lavish lifestyles. The truth is that many of the small businesses that create jobs file as individuals. Those “rich” folks may just be our friends and neighbors struggling to keep a business opened right here in our small town. The truth is that taxing the “rich” can never generate the revenue needed to remove our debt anyway and broken small businesses will decrease revenue instead.

Consider the cost of regulation. One friend recently described the 30 plus documents that were filed in opening a small business. In one case two members of the regulatory commission agreed that the purpose of the regulation had been met but because they couldn’t agree on how to fill out the form the filing was denied. How does that promote jobs?

As the government grows small towns, businesses and individuals lose. When there is deregulation, debt reduction and local control everyone wins.

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by Roger Galloway

Let’s establish a little timeline for the events leading up to our situation in 2012:

–          Jimmy Carter established the Community Reinvestment Act

–          Bill Clinton had his attorney general, Janet Reno, coerce banks into making mortgage loans to people with “questionable” credit

–          With Clinton people running Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, making “questionable” loans morphed into making loans to people with no credit, no jobs, no income, with no questions.  Since Freddie and Fannie were purchasing these bad loans, banks were quite comfortable making them.

–          In order to keep the housing bubble from bursting on Obama’s watch, democrat operatives made sure it occurred right at the end of the Bush administration.  Insurance companies, banks, and securities companies were threatened by the bad loan paper they held.  “They were too big to fail.”  Democrats and their “fairness” policies created the crisis.

–          President-elect Obama and all the smartest people in Washington insisted we must bail out the financial institutions (of their choice).  $789 billion dollars went to buy insurance companies, give GM to the United Auto Workers union (while disenfranchising GM bondholders), bail out Chrysler, banks, and Wall Street firms.

–          Once President Obama and his democrat-controlled House and Senate were in place, we were told we must have a stimulus plan to keep our economy afloat and keep unemployment under 8%.  Another $800 billion is given out to save government union workers jobs in states, counties, and cities.  Also private companies who supported Obama’s election and were also “green companies” received the administration’s largesse.  Much will flow back to the Obama reelection campaign.

–          Obama jammed through Obamacare, with the cooperation of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  It was hard, but with things like the Cornhusker Kickback and tons of exempted states, unions, and companies, they got the job done.  It is the biggest jobs killing government takeover in the history of our country.

–          George Bush amassed a national debt of $5 trillion during his 8 years in office while dealing with 9/11 and fighting two wars.  Obama will add over $5 trillion in 4 years!

If you do the math, $16 trillion of federal debt equals $53,333 for everyone who is alive in our country!  That’s 300,000,000 people divided into $16,000,000,000 of debt.  And that number doesn’t include the debts of the states, counties, and cities.  The federal government is borrowing 40 cents of every dollar it is spending.  The feds have spent our Social Security taxes, crippled our economy, starved us of our own natural resources, devalued our money, regulated every aspect of our lives, and impoverished every citizen.  Another term for Obama and a democrat controlled Senate will have America devolve into something worse than Greece!  Obama’s “Change” has been to pursue every failed and flawed idea of the last 150 years!

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