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Colorado could decide the entire Presidential election.  There are even scenarios where the electoral college results in a tie.  Joe Biden drew just 900 people to a Colorado rally in the last week.  Contrast that with the Romney rally at Red Rocks:

Of course a Vice Presidential rally is not the measure of a campaign.  Democrats are relying on the same play book that defeated Ken Buck in 2010, a historic year for conservatives and Republicans.

Here in Estes Park, both campaigns have offices.  The sheer volume of robocalls into Larimer County has overwhelmed most voters.  I’ve never heard so many expressions of voter fatigue on the eve of an election.

That’s why voter shaming is the newest and most effective tactic.  Both sides study the demographics of potential voters and identify likely supporters.  They then mail a list of voter participation with your name and the names of several of your neighbors.  The letter promises that a second letter will arrive after the election, reporting which of your neighbors voted.

Last-minute personal appeals can still cut through the clutter.  Talking to friends and neighbors to ensure they’ve voted can make a difference.  Try to go easy on the shaming though.

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