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Every once in a while, the political left shows its true colors such was the case with Paul Krugman during a recent appearance on MSNBC.  Krugman says we don’t need to worry about cutting entitlements in the next ten years.  Former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough took Krugman to task in an editorial for saying that we do not need to cut federal spending.  Scarborough went a step further when he reprinted the conclusions of a Rand Corporation study about the negative impact of the growing federal debt.

Scarborough’s attack on Krugman prompted an Atlantic columnist to say that Scarborough “flunked” economics for citing an economist for the proposition that our rising national debt matters.   That’s become the party line at the Washington Monthly as well.  There’s humor in the efforts of all these journalists to label one of their own a hack.  Even more interesting was that none of these esteemed journalists managed to figure out who wrote the piece cited by Scarborough.  The original author was C. Richard Neu.  Neu makes a simple point:  get to work on the debt.

Far from the mistakes of a freshman economics student, Neu is a Harvard Ph.D in economics.  In other words, Krugman’s views disagree with a fellow international economist.  Perhaps since Krugman is a graduate of Yale and MIT, this is simply another example of Ivy League tribalism.

Markets remain uncertain about the long-term trends, but they aren’t good.  Without reform, the wave of baby boomer retirements will outstrip outstrip our tax base.  Krugman insists we need more stimulus spending now to create jobs.  Just as important is letting people know what their retirement will look like decades hence.  Waiting until the crisis arrives is unconscionable.


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Estes Park resident Captain Malvin Walker (U.S. Army Ret.) served in the 29th Division during World War 2.  He led a platoon in the second wave of troops to hit Utah beach on June 6, 1944.  Walker fought for one month in the hedgerows of Normandy before wounds forced him to spend three months in hospital.  He returned to the 29th Division for the push into Northern Germany.  Capt. Walker’s awards include the Purple Heart, Bronze Star and the Legion of Honor.

The Town of Estes Park recently proclaimed February 15 to be Mal Walker Day in honor of Capt. Walker and to honor other Estes area World War 2 veterans.   The Stanley Hotel hosted a luncheon in Walker’s honor on Friday.

Walker is an accomplished musician and composer who also has published books and articles about World War 2.  As Americans we owe a debt to Capt. Walker and the other veterans who served.  Here is an interview from two years ago when Capt. Walker visited Normandy.

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Update: Our rsvps are at capacity!  You can still stop by, but there’s no guarantee you will be able to get a seat or enter the building!

Courtesy Michelle Hurni, Fort Collins Republican Examiner.

A chance to hear TV and radio personality Jon Caldara presents itself in Estes Park. Hosted by the Estes Park Tea Party Patriots, Jon will speak on life, liberty and financial issues in the political world.

Twice named one of the top 10 most influential men in Denver (5280 Magazine) and Best Media Manipulator (Westword), Jon is President of the Independence Institute, a free market think tank in Denver.

Whichever way you lean politically, Monday, Feb. 18 will present an opportunity to learn more from a mesmerizing speaker whose business is to empower individuals and educate citizens about public policies. His goal: enhance personal and economic freedom through limited federal intrusion.

Where else can you have dinner with a local celebrity for $6? Join Jon Caldara on Monday, February 18th in Estes Park. $6.00 includes soup, salad and soda at Notchtop Café. Please let us know you are coming by emailing tealiberty “at” reagan “dot” com. This event is free to students under the age of 18 if you let us know you’ll attend ahead of time.

Catch Jon Caldara in person in Estes Park, and then: watch his show, Devil’s Advocate, on Friday nights at 8:30 pm on Colorado Public Television Channel 12; listen to his radio show on 630 KHOW every Sunday from 5:00 – 8:00 pm; read his blog: The Cauldron, by Caldara.

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Dr. Benjamin Carson is the man who had the temerity to speak truth to power. Dr. Carson is a pediatric surgeon at Johns Hopkins. Dr. Carson spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast (a tradition that is under assault).

Dr. Carson not only gave a powerful speech–he gave it in front of President Barack Obama. That shocked some of the beltway pundits, who believe it is disrespectful for a citizen to raise inconvenient truths in front of the President.  Decide for yourself.  Did the President and members of Congress need to hear this message of personal responsibility and freedom?

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