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Happy Constitution Day

To the Editor,

 As Constitution Day approaches, I remain hopeful that EVERY American will take the time to actually read it.  Perhaps they will realize what powers are enumerated within the document, and ascertain how many of them are being taken away from every one of us at an alarming rate by our ever expanding and bloated government.  “Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people”…John Adams.  We face numerous challenges both at home and abroad.  Our system of democracy is faced with a divided citizenry, a duplicitous media, Washington gridlock and way too much money financing special interests.  The only answer is an informed citizenry.  Citizens who are informed ask the tough questions of their leaders, demand more from their media and ultimately improve the public discourse.  We must do more than vote every four years, folks!  Civics learning should be a core subject along with math, English and science.  Otherwise, we will fail to strengthen, preserve and ultimately protect our society.  Take a few minutes this week to celebrate your freedoms, read the Constitution and your Bill of Rights.  Live up to the ideal of an America of the people, by the people and for the people.


Linda Moak

Estes Park, CO

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Senior Center Alert


The Estes Park Senior center will host a discussion on Obamacare and what it
means for seniors.  The presentation will be made by Bob Semro from the
Bell Policy Center.  The Bell Policy center is a very liberal think tank
located in Denver.  They are linked closely to other very liberal
organizations such as Colorado Democracy Alliance, New Era Colorado,
ProgressNow Colorado and others.  These groups are financed by the
wealthiest Colorado liberal donors, Pat Stryker, Tim Gill and Rutt Bridges.
 The meeting is to take place on Wed. Sept. 25 at 8:30 AM.  IF YOU

Regards, Mack, Jon, Mike, Michelle, Bill and Judy

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A Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor


Submitted by:  Kathy Schwery


I encourage all of you as fellow Americans, to take a stand against our governments disturbing efforts to divide and label us, which I believe is eroding our country from the inside out.  Rather than the common patriotism of bygone years, we are now Democrat vs Republican, black vs white, rich vs poor, Christian vs atheist, and the list goes on and on. 

America was appropriately called the ‘melting pot’, because she welcomed all people of all beliefs and customs.  Immigrants were encouraged to enjoy all that this land of opportunity had to offer, including all of the freedoms built into our foundational laws.  There were no limits to success with hard work, honesty, morals, family values, ethics, etc. 

The change in attitude that I’ve seen during this administration is mind-boggling.  Good people are now being called ‘hate mongers’, ‘Bible thumpers’, ‘zealots’, ‘homophobes’, ‘racists’, etc., merely because they may not share the same belief as another.  We are no longer permitted to enjoy time with people that have similar interests, forming a ‘boys club’, ‘women’s club’, etc., without somebody screaming that we’re intolerant by limiting our membership. 

No longer is hard work the backbone of success … the government now ‘stimulates’ companies of their choosing (Solyndra, etc.), yet screams ‘foul’ to companies that have become successful through pouring blood, sweat and tears into their company the old-fashioned way. 

It’s time that ‘We the People’ stand up and be heard.  Stop letting government rhetoric turn neighbor against neighbor, color against color, and nationality against nationality.  Let’s join hands in taking our country back. 

I’m sure there are many websites, but here is one that takes you to our list of elected officials (at the state and federal level), with links to contact each of them and voice your views.  https://www.kintera.org/c.ewKYLiO2LsKeF/b.7879035/k.87C3/Find_Your_Elected_Officials/siteapps/advocacy/search.aspx?c=ewKYLiO2LsKeF&b=7879035



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