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The Republican primary race for the Second Congressional District began in earnest this weekend at a meeting of the Estes Park Tea Party Patriots in Larimer County.  State Senator Kevin Lundberg and businessman Eric Weissmann both addressed the monthly meeting of the tea party group in Estes Park.  Senator Lundberg mentioned that it was the first time the two candidates have met on the campaign trail.

The event was specifically not formatted as a debate.  Both candidates largely focused their comments on Representative Jared Polis.

Having served as their legislator since 2003, Kevin Lundberg is well known in Estes Park.  Lundberg opened his remarks by discussing the concept of natural rights–our rights are given to us by a higher power, not by government.  Senator Lundberg responded to a number of questions about the current state legislative session.  Senator Lundberg introduced a bill to set two criteria for licensing of children day care centers.  First, health and safety and second an affordability criteria.

Sen. Lundberg at Estes Park Meeting

Lundberg has been a vocal critic of new state regulations for day care centers that contain numerous specific mandates for regulatory compliance.  For example, the regulations specify the number of crayons provided to each child and that a certain number of displays at each day care must include “realistic” depictions of nature.  “I’m not opposed to any particular displays,” said Lundberg, but he believes the state has no business focusing on such details of how a day care operates.  Lundberg contends that witnesses who testified in favor of the detailed regulations based their appeal on a conflicting idea.  “They say ‘we can’t trust day care center operators to know what’s best for children,” said Lundberg.  At the same time, state witnesses told the panel that the legislature needs to “trust us [the regulators].”

Lundberg also questioned Polis’ opposition to the Pioneer Act amendment, a provision that would require leasing of federal lands for oil shale development.  Altough the technology does not yet exist to extract oil shale for production, Lundberg wants the federal government to recognize its great potential.  Lundberg said that the U.S. has a 1 trillion potential reser

Eric Weissmann recognizes question

Eric Weissmann is a political newcomer.  Weissman contended that Polis “didn’t learn anything” from his private sector experience, based upon his voting record.  “Polis thinks he’s smarter than you, me, or any of us.  We need to be able to make our own decisions,” said Weissmann, instead of Washington making all sorts of decisions for us.  Weissmann provided a lengthy list of harmful Polis votes, including Polis’ votes for the stimulus bill, cap & trade energy, and the Dodd-Frank bill, and his recent opposition to the Kestone pipeline.  “Polis votes 89% of the time with Nancy Pelosi, 2% of the time with the GOP, and 9% of the time he did not show up,”  Weissmann asserted.

Weissmann contended he entered the race in part to provide coattails to state legislative and local races.  “I know how to build and organization with resources,” said Weissmann.  Weissmann doesn’t like talking about process, but “process is important” to success.

During a series of audience questions, Weissmann explained that Jared Polis’ opposition to school reform convinced him he needed to run against Polis.  Weissmann called Polis the night before a vote on school choice for the District of Columbia,  one of America’s worst urban school districts.  Polis opposed the bill.  The Heritage Foundation has multiple posts about teacher union opposition to the SOAR Act.  The bill’s sponsors were House Speaker John Boehner and (drummed out of the Democratic Party for being too) independent Senator Joe Lieberman.  Polis stuck with the unions rather than disadvantaged children in the District of Columbia.

President Obama’s latest budget again eliminated funding for DC School Choice— schools the President won’t allow his own children to attend.   Both Polis and the President are opposing a reform effort that has produced substantially higher graduation rates at a lower cost to taxpayers.   School choice for DC residents began in 2003.  If Polis and the President have their way, it will end this year.

Weissmann has been involved in multiple organizations committed to school reform, including the Alliance for Choice in Education (school choice scholarships to assist low-income parents), Colorado Uplift (a mentoring program to empower urban youth to lead successful lives)  and the Wellness Initiative (wellness program for low income K-12 students).  In other words, Weissmann is working to ensure that all Colorado children, regardless of race, ethnicity or income, have educational opportunity.

Polis contended as recently as Sunday that he is a staunch supporter of education.  Perhaps he meant to say unions that fund Democratic Party candidates.

In the meantime, Rep. Jared Polis claimed to kick off his re-election campaign in Fort Collins on Sunday.  That claim raises more questions about whether Polis violated House ethic rules by conducting official business in Loveland–which is not yet in his district.  Lovelandpolitics.com and this blog have raised the questions.  In responding to a question, State Senator Kevin Lundberg noted that a Polis staffer also attended a Loveland School District meeting and spoke in her official capacity.  Since Loveland is not yet in Polis’ district, that would appear–if true–to be a clear violation of House ethics rules.  The traditional media have thus far declined to investigate these stories, nor has the Denver Post written any follow-up to allegations concerning allegations of Jared Polis’ insider trading based on legislative knowledge.

Polis even called Sunday for a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Polis is thus taking his cuts from another Boulder County resident–U.S. Senator Mark Udall.  As the Republican campaigns get underway, Polis will begin sounding more moderate by the day.  Conservatives face the need to choose a standard bearer who can prevail in November.

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The Estes Park Tea Party Patriots will be meeting this Saturday, February 18 from 1 to 3 pm at the Estes Valley Library in the Hondius room.  Two candidates for Colorado’s Second Congressional District, State Senator Kevin Lundberg and businessman Eric Weissmann, will both speak.  Lundberg and Weissmann are competing for the Republican nomination to challenge Representative Jared Polis (D-Boulder).

Kevin Lundberg

State Senator Kevin Lundberg represents Estes Park and much of Larimer County in the Colorado legislature.  Lundberg was first elected as a state Representative in 2002, was appointed to the state Senate to succeed County Commissioner Steve Johnson in 2009, and elected to a full four-year senate term in 2010.  Lundberg has received numerous awards from the Colorado Union of Taxpayers as a Taxpayer Champion and a Taxpayer Guardian.

Lundberg sees taxes, spending and the national debt placing America on a bad trajectory. Lundberg contends that federal mandates and subsidies have to give way to consistent and predictable federal policies to enable the private sector to get back to the job of building America.

Eric Weissmann of Boulder is an entrepreneur who founded the software company Decisioneering at the age of 21.  He started his first business at the age of 15.  Weissman earned an external program undergraduate degree from the University of the State of New York, and an MBA from the University of Colorado.  In the year 2000, turned over leadership of Decisioneering to others and began investing in other businesses.

Eric Weissmann

Weissman has been a board member or advisor to numerous organizations, including The Wellness Initiative, Colorado Uplift and the Colorado State Treasurer’s Investment Advisory Council.  Weissman and his wife Jennifer have three children.

Weissmann says he is concerned this might be the first generation in America to break its promise to the next generation of greater freedom and a better future for Americans.  Weissmann is focused on issues that include ending deficit spending, promoting a limited federal government and promoting private sector job growth.
Saturday’s meeting is a unique opportunity for Estes Park residents to hear from both candidates seeking the Republican nomination to the newly redistricted Second Congressional District in Colorado.

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Representative Jared Polis began his political campaign in Larimer County last week.  LovelandPolitics.com provides a detailed account of how the City of Loveland used its resources to assist Jared Polis on his campaign visit to Loveland.  Loveland Mayor Cecil Gutierrez and some council members participated, but Republican council members did not attend, and in fact learned about the Polis tour from a newspaper article.

House ethics rules prohibit the use of official congressional (taxpayer) resources for political campaigning (House Ethics Manual, 2008, p. 121-184 ).  The City of Loveland has similar rules.

The use of city resources to promote a Congressional campaign should prompt questions from the Loveland City Council.  Council member Hugh McKean told LovelandPolitics.com that he did not attend the events because “I was uncomfortable with the purpose of the visit and whether city taxpayers were being asked to support a campaign activity.”

Even after redistricting changes future district lines, Congressional members are generally careful not to send their staff into other existing congressional districts and do not make official public appearances.  Apparently Rep. Polis needs to review the guidance letter from the House Ethics Committee on redistricting.    Even if Rep. Polis manages to stay within House Ethics rules, his aggressive use of congressional staffers in cover areas outside his district is likely to trigger public scrutiny and criticism.  The editors here at TeaLiberty.com will keep our eyes peeled for Boulder congressional staffers who suddenly are discovering a keen interest in local government in Larimer County.

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Last Saturday, before 2011 ended, President Obama signed into law H.R. 1540, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Get this. This is the same bill that Obama threatened to veto over the controversial language in the bill that allows U.S. citizens to be detained without due process, while at the same time pressuring Congress to add the language to the bill. While Obama was signing the bill, he said that even though “I have the power to detain Americans, I won’t.” Yeah, right.

Senator Carl Levin, D – Michigan, revealed it was the administration itself that lobbied to remove language from the bill that would have protected American citizens from being detained indefinitely without trial.

Rep. Cory Gardner voted for this act, which could also be called the Martial Law Bill. It is fortunate for Cory Gardner that we are no longer in the 4th Congressional District, because if we were, we should work to replace Rep. Cory Gardner with someone who will uphold the constitution and stand on principle.

Following are links to several articles written about the significance of the NDAA. One is from Canada, and another from ABC.

Doug Hagmann with the Canada Free Press – The coming war inside America


Yunji de Nies with ABC News – With Reservations, Obama Signs Act to Allow Detention of Citizens


Aaron Dykes with Infowars.com – Obama’s Signing Statement on NDAA: I have the power to detain Americans … but I won’t


Paul Joseph Watson with Infowars.com – Obama Administration Demanded Power to Indefinitely Detain U.S. Citizens


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There are 184 radical leftists in the Senate and the House of Representatives, and one of those is Congressman Jared Polis, the currently elected Congressman for the Colorado CD 2.

Congressman Jared Polis, one of a handful of openly homosexual members of Congress, and a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, is the sponsor of a bill called the “Student Non-Discrimination Act” (HR 998). This legislation, if passed, will instruct the Department of Education to implement homosexuality affirming programs across the nation and force public schools to indoctrinate an entire generation of youth with propaganda straight from the playbook of the radical “gay rights” movement.

This bill could pass, because too many of our Republican leaders have been avoiding the “social issues” like the plague and are fearful about standing in opposition to this bill that would supposedly stop “discrimination”.

Laws usually include entire sections dedicated to actually defining the key terms contained in the legislation. What is interesting is that the term “discrimination” is not defined in the legislation. The reason is because that way they can define the term after the legislation is passed, and if at any time they don’t like what is happening, it’s “discrimination”.

Another interesting aspect of this legislation is that it has been said that the person that will be responsible for implementing the law is none other than Kevin Jennings, a radical homosexual activist, founder of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), and was Obama’s “Safe School Czar” until July of this year.

Following is a link to the text of the bill.


Unless you agree with the agenda that Jared Polis promotes, you will need to help us fight hard in 2012 to defeat him, now that we will be part of the CD 2.

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Like the average Coloradoans they claim to represent, the Occupy Denver movement has grown bored with its Denver encampment.  That’s why they decided to strike in Loveland this week, joining West Coasters in an effort to obstruct commerce.  Protesters tried to disrupt a Walmart Distribution Center  in Loveland.  In fact, the Loveland Reporter-Herald article reports that one of the organizers was from Occupy Oakland.

Some folks thought my increasing “hippie ratio” prediction arising from Congressional Redistricting was extreme.  After all, how could moving Larimer County into Jared Polis’ Boulder-centric Second Congressional District change anything?  Well it took just one week people.   Soon, the peaceful citizens of Loveland will be subjected to a wave of UC-Boulder “College Know it All Hippies” that make South Park look like a documentary.


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TeaLiberty.com Exclusive:

State Senator Kevin Lundberg of Berthoud is considering a run for the Second Congressional District:

“With the new Congressional District plan I now live in the Second Congressional District, currently represented by Jared Polis. Therefore, today I am announcing the formation of a congressional exploratory committee to determine if I should run against Jared Polis in the 2012 election. To gauge the interest and potential support I have launched a website for the exploratory committee: http://www.kevinlundberg2012.com.”

Congressman Jared Polis and Pat Stryker of Fort Collins are two original members of the Gang of Four.  Their plan to transform Colorado into a political California East/ New York West is fully described in “The Blueprint,”  by Adam Schrager and Rob Witwer.   All signs suggest that Polis and Stryker had a major influence on the Democratic redistricting plan.  Polis does not fear a GOP challenge.  As one of the wealthiest members of Congress, he can always write a last minute check for attack ads.  If he doesn’t his Gang of Four friends will.

One point overlooked thus far in the media:  the Gang of Four have already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars against Kevin Lundberg.  Senator Lundberg easily won re-election in 2010, despite independent expenditures against him.  A group called Twenty First Century Colorado paid for a wave of negative mailings.  Those mailings largely targeted Democrats and independents and were apparently designed to boost progressive turnout in a Republican district.  The mailings were also intended to punish Kevin Lundberg, a socially conservative Republican, for consistently opposing the Progressive agenda.

Twenty First Century Colorado was a trade name for an independent group whose registered agent was Julie Wells.  Wells is the registered agent for a whole slew of  “independent committees” all coordinated by the Gang of Four and its allies.  According to followthemoney.org,  Twenty First Century Colorado spent $97,694 to support Kevin Lundberg’s opponent, and $125,158 to “support” Lundberg, for a total of $222,852.   Statewide, Twenty First Century spent over $2.7 million.    Lundberg’s 2010 opponent also benefited from $55,086 spent by The Neighborhood Project, another progressive money pot aimed at the Colorado legislature.

Can any Republican  win in the new Second Congressional District?  How will the perception of the district as a whole impact fundraising and grassroots activity–for any GOP candidate?  Would voters actually welcome a candidate who campaigns and votes on the basis of principle?  Senator Lundberg might well be the most principled member of the entire legislature.  He always votes his principles. The Colorado Union of Taxpayers has recognized Senator Lundberg as a Taxpayer Champion.  His consistency and reputation will win him grassroots conservative support in Larimer County.  Translating that into a winning campaign district-wide will be hard work.  Still, no other names have emerged.  TeaLiberty.com will keep readers informed as the list of GOP contenders should emerge very quickly.

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