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Every once in a while, the political left shows its true colors such was the case with Paul Krugman during a recent appearance on MSNBC.  Krugman says we don’t need to worry about cutting entitlements in the next ten years.  Former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough took Krugman to task in an editorial for saying that we do not need to cut federal spending.  Scarborough went a step further when he reprinted the conclusions of a Rand Corporation study about the negative impact of the growing federal debt.

Scarborough’s attack on Krugman prompted an Atlantic columnist to say that Scarborough “flunked” economics for citing an economist for the proposition that our rising national debt matters.   That’s become the party line at the Washington Monthly as well.  There’s humor in the efforts of all these journalists to label one of their own a hack.  Even more interesting was that none of these esteemed journalists managed to figure out who wrote the piece cited by Scarborough.  The original author was C. Richard Neu.  Neu makes a simple point:  get to work on the debt.

Far from the mistakes of a freshman economics student, Neu is a Harvard Ph.D in economics.  In other words, Krugman’s views disagree with a fellow international economist.  Perhaps since Krugman is a graduate of Yale and MIT, this is simply another example of Ivy League tribalism.

Markets remain uncertain about the long-term trends, but they aren’t good.  Without reform, the wave of baby boomer retirements will outstrip outstrip our tax base.  Krugman insists we need more stimulus spending now to create jobs.  Just as important is letting people know what their retirement will look like decades hence.  Waiting until the crisis arrives is unconscionable.


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With the U.S. Supreme Court upholding health insurance mandates, now is the time to learn the facts about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  This episode of Dr. Jill Vecchio’s videos describes health care exchanges, employer health care insurance mandates, waivers from the law issued to various Obama cronies (including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s entire state!).

The factual overview starts at about 1:15.  Watch these videos and you will be well-equipped to discuss the problems in store for Americans due to the PPACA or Obamacare.

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Today Mitt Roney managed to deliver the Democrats the most awesome out of context sound byte ever. It is clear he doesn’t understand or know how to articulate a conservative position on the issue. That is because he is not a conservative, he’s a liberal. Sounds like he is starting to implode. And this is the candidate that the establishment wants to run against Obama?

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Following is the Heritage Action’s new legislative scorecard with allows Americans to see whether their Members of Congress are fighting for freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civil society.


You can see how our Rep. Cory Gardner voted on the bills that matter.


That’s one point short of a “D”.

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By  , Fort Collins Republican Examiner

Cory Gardner wants to solve problems, not kick the can down the road.

President Obama blames Republicans for refusing to corporate with the Democrat controlled Senate. He wants Republicans in the House of Representatives to go along with his agenda, no matter what is best for the country.

He’s quick to blame Republicans, and praise the Democrats in Washington and yet:

1)    The Democrat controlled Senate has not produced a budget for nearly 1000 days, under Harry Reid’s (D) leadership. That means our government has no boundaries or guidance on spending. Obviously.

2)    The President hasn’t met with House Republican leadership for five months. In that time, the Super Committee failed to reduce $1.2 trillion from the debt. If he was interested in working together, he should initiate it.

3)    If the payroll tax “holiday” runs out as scheduled at the end of 2011, taxes will go up 2%, from 4.2% to 6.2%. This equals about $80 a month on an “average” paycheck. There are at least 43% of Americans who won’t be affected. They already pay no taxes.

4)    Republicans in the House want to fight for a longer extension, so it’s possible Americans will suffer through the first month of January with 2% higher taxes, but then be given a reprieve for the remainder of the year.

5)    Republicans want the tax cut paid for, and Democrats are starting to agree. Or maybe seeing the light. Our country is broke. We can’t continue to go deeper in debt.

6)    There is no leadership from the President. He wants Republicans to cave and refuses to hold Democrats accountable in any way. That is what Obama considers “compromise.”

The Senate is home for the Christmas holiday already, while the House is stuck in Washington as they try to get the payroll tax cut extended before it expires at the end of December 2011.

Colorado District 4 Representative Cory Gardner says he’s tired of kicking the can down the road. It’s been kicked so much it can’t be kicked any more. He is all for extending the tax cut for the full year, instead of the two months the Democrats want.

If it’s extended for a full year, it doesn’t stay in the news and become a talking point for the 2012 election.

The Heritage Foundation’s Morning Bell on December 21, 2011 goes into detail about President Obama appearing in the White House press room to blame Republicans. So much for working together.

Contact your representatives, in both the House and Senate, and let them know, you work and you want them to work as well.

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What about Obamacare is good? Mitt Romney thinks we should keep the good.

Back in April 2010, uh, last year, Mitt Romney was asked to compare Romneycare to Obamacare. He said that there were some similarities and some differences. One of the similarities that he likes is the incentive for people to become insured. Ah, he likes the mandate! He doesn’t believe that the federal government should mandate but it is OK for the states to mandate that you buy health insurance. According to Mitt, when the states mandate that you buy health insurance, they are creating a health insurance program. But if the federal government mandates that you buy health insurance, then they are intruding on states rights. Not on your rights, but on states rights. Now that Romney is officially running to be the Republican nominee, he says “Obamacare has gotta go, it’s horrible, and the first thing I’m gonna do is repeal it.” OK, which is it? Are you going to repeal the bad and keep the good? Or does it have to go? All of it! Romney hasn’t backed away from Romneycare. That’s because he likes it. He’s just trying to get nominated.

Do you think you can trust him?

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