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Dr. Benjamin Carson is the man who had the temerity to speak truth to power. Dr. Carson is a pediatric surgeon at Johns Hopkins. Dr. Carson spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast (a tradition that is under assault).

Dr. Carson not only gave a powerful speech–he gave it in front of President Barack Obama. That shocked some of the beltway pundits, who believe it is disrespectful for a citizen to raise inconvenient truths in front of the President.  Decide for yourself.  Did the President and members of Congress need to hear this message of personal responsibility and freedom?

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Ted Nugent was at the NRA Convention this past weekend and created a firestorm when he spoke out candidly against the current administration. As a result of his comments, he is being investigated by the Secret Service. In fact, today he is meeting with the Secret Service, what Ted calls “a BBQ”.

At the NRA Convention Ted was supporting Mitt Romney and voicing his frustration with this current administration. The main comment that got Ted in trouble was when he said that if Obama is elected as our President again he will be dead or in jail this time next year. A couple of other comments that he made were; we need to clean house in this vile, evil, American hating administration, and as patriots we need to ride into the battle field and chop their heads off in November.

Now I think we all know what he means. And I think we share the same frustration. Maybe Ted went a bit too far when he said that he would either be dead or in jail this time next year if Obama is re-elected, but aren’t we all extremely frustrated with the state of things in our nation right now?

Watch the video with Ted’s comments.

Now you need to compare what Ted said with what Louis Farrakhan said this week. Farrakhan isn’t being investigated by the Secret Service. Why not?

Following is a link to a segment on GBTV where Glenn Beck shares about the real Ted Nugent.


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A new law, the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011 (H.R. 347) was signed by Obama in early March 2012 which makes it illegal to protest in his presence.

Regardless of where you stand politically, this is very scary. This is Germany 1933!

The new law signed in secret means that wherever Obama is you do not have a right to ask him anything you want to. His secret service can have you arrested, fined, and imprisoned for more than a YEAR if you ask him something he doesn’t like or doesn’t want to answer. This sounds as if he’s becoming more like Hitler than Lincoln. THIS IS HIS LATEST ATTEMPT TO STAGE A TAKE OVER OF AMERICA.

Rep. Cory Gardner voted for this bill. In fact all of the Republican and Democrat Reps. from Colorado voted for this bill. It is interesting that Ron Paul did not vote.

May the Lord have mercy on us!!!!

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