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Unlike El Paso County, Larimer  County Republicans have dodged a divisive primary.  State Representative B.J. Nikkel announced that she will not seek reelection in 2012.

“I have decided not to seek reelection in 2012,” Nikkel announced. “While I am disappointed that Democrats on the Reapportionment Commission gerrymandered Brian [DelGrosso] and me into the same district, I am very proud of what we have accomplished in the state House. This year, I look forward to continuing to serve my constituents and the people of Colorado by building a better Colorado for them.” Nikkel has kind words for Rep. Brian DelGrosso of Loveland’s House District 51.  Speaker of the House Frank McNulty and Rep. Brian DelGrosso both thanked Nikkel for her service.

DelGrosso will still face a contested election.  According to his first campaign filing, Democratic Party challenger Mark Shaffer raised $10,209 in contributions and has nearly $10,000 on-hand.  Shaffer has contributors from afar afield as Arlington, Virginia , Upper Marlboro, Maryland and Marrero, Louisiana.  Shaffer also received a contribution from attorney Rich Ball of Loveland, who unsuccessfully challenged state Senator Kevin Lundberg in the 2010 election.

Shaffer’s wife Joan is on the Loveland City Council.  Shaffer’s website features photos of a reception held for Congressman Jared Polis in Loveland.  We wrote previously about how the City of Loveland used official resources  to promote Polis’ candidacy.  (LovelandPolitics.com had more details.)   House ethics rules also severely restrict sitting Congressmen from conducting constituent services outside their districts–even when

According to campaign finance filings,  DelGrosso had over $8,700 on hand on January 25.

Rep. Nikkel is the House Republican Whip, while Delgrosso is a freshman House member.  Democrats redrew House District 51 to include Rep. Nikkel’s residence near Carter Lake into a district dominated by Loveland.

Nikkel had apparently held open the chance of running in Loveland.  On January 17,  Nikkel transferred $7,066 from her House District 49 committee to a new committee for House District 51.  She did not raise any additional monies, however.

Nikkel now has the option of contributing those funds to a party committee, a charity, or refunding monies to her contributors.  She could also retain the funds for a future potential campaign, but in some cases the ability to roll the funds into a new campaign may be limited.  As an elected official, Nikkel has even more options for using the campaign funds.  She can use the funds to defray “reasonable and necessary” expenses of serving in the legislature, or donate the funds for post-secondary scholarships.  She could also choose to spend the money on voter registration drives or issue education.

The Democratic Party’s reapportionment targeted a number of Republican incumbents.  Rep. Amy Stephens, the House Majority Leader, was redrawn into a contested primary with Rep. Marsha Looper.  Looper is already sending direct mail pieces placing a photo of Stephens next to Barack Obama.  Stephens sponsored SB 11-200 in the last session, legislation that is intended to establish a state health care exchange in Colorado.  Stephens has countered by pointing to Looper’s support for SB 08-217, the Centennial Care Choices bill, which contained a health insurance mandate and higher taxes to fund it.

Conservatives in Larimer County will benefit from avoiding another primary forced by legislative reapportionment.  Both DelGrosso and Nikkel have been strong fiscal conservatives, as demonstrated by their Colorado Union of Taxpayers ratings.



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Perry Buck of Windsor announced her candidacy for House District 49 on Wednesday.  On Thursday January 12, Vicki Marble of Fort Collins announced at a meeting of the Larimer County Republican Central Committee that she had decided to run for Senate District 23 and would not challenge Buck in HD 49.  Marble and Buck approached the podium together, with Buck stating that she endorses Marble’s run for State Senate. Marble described the biggest difference between her and Buck as being “our  shoe size.”

Marble’s decision will likely prevent a contested primary in HD 49, but ensure a contested race in SD 23.  Representative Glenn Vaad of House District 48 found himself mapped out of his district by the Democratic reapportionment map.  Vaad also spoke, spoke about his budget record as a Weld County Commissioner.  Weld County has no debts and no county sales tax (in large part due to its oil & gas revenue).

For the 2011 session, Vaad earned a 50.0 rating from the Colorado Union of Taxpayers tied for 23rd out of 33 Republican House members.  (The best House score was an 85.19 by Don Beezley of Broomfield).   Vaad also has declined to sign the CUT Taxpayer Pledge, which can be found in the CUT 2011 legislative ratings.   You can also check out the votes CUT used in constructing its ratings.

The Larimer County Republican Central Committee elected Michael Fassi as its new chairman.  Fassi narrowly defeated Tom Buchanan, current Chairman of the Loveland 9/12 group.  Fassi stressed the importance uniting the Republican Party and raising money to counter the weight of President Obama’s $1 billlion national re-election campaign.

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January 11, 2012

Perry Buck Announces Candidacy for the Colorado House of Representatives

GREELEY, Colo.—This morning, Weld County Council member Perry Buck announced her candidacy for the Colorado House of Representatives.  The longtime Greeley resident and Colorado native, said that getting Coloradans back to work is her number one reason for jumping into the race.

“Coloradans are hurting,” said the Republican candidate.  “As a small business owner and Colorado native, I understand the needs our state has.  I look forward to helping get Coloradans back to work.”

Buck, who owned a small business and currently is a life insurance agent, also served in the administration of former Gov. Bill Owens as the Northeast Business Development Representative for the Colorado Office of Economic Development.

Buck is running for House District 49, which is currently being represented by state Rep. B.J. Nikkel, R-Loveland.  Nikkel cannot seek reelection in HD 49 because of new district boundaries that were approved by the Reapportionment Commission in December.

Buck is married to Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck, and has two step children—Cody who recently graduated from West Point Academy and Kaitlin, a Junior at Clemson University in South Carolina.


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          From a Press Release:

Vicki Marble Launches Campaign for House District 49

    Fort Collins, CO – Vicki Marble, small business owner and 34-year Larimer County resident, is announcing her candidacy for Colorado House District 49.

   As a mother of two adult sons, Vicki is active in her community. Vicki is the owner of a successful retail business with her oldest son.  Her youngest son served in the Marine Corps for 4 ½ years and is currently overseas doing contract work for the State Department.

   Vicki Marble understands the water and energy needs of Larimer County and the State of Colorado. Vicki believes job creation, through small business growth, will create stability and lead to economic recovery. She has an extensive background in agriculture through her involvement in the beef cattle and quarter horse industry.

   Vicki Marble currently serves on the 8th Judicial Performance Commission and the Larimer County Rural Land Use Board. She has spent the last two years at the Capital during the legislative sessions being involved in the legislative process.

For more information or to help elect Vicki Marble to the State House, visit http://www.vickimarble.com

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