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Representative Jared Polis began his political campaign in Larimer County last week.  LovelandPolitics.com provides a detailed account of how the City of Loveland used its resources to assist Jared Polis on his campaign visit to Loveland.  Loveland Mayor Cecil Gutierrez and some council members participated, but Republican council members did not attend, and in fact learned about the Polis tour from a newspaper article.

House ethics rules prohibit the use of official congressional (taxpayer) resources for political campaigning (House Ethics Manual, 2008, p. 121-184 ).  The City of Loveland has similar rules.

The use of city resources to promote a Congressional campaign should prompt questions from the Loveland City Council.  Council member Hugh McKean told LovelandPolitics.com that he did not attend the events because “I was uncomfortable with the purpose of the visit and whether city taxpayers were being asked to support a campaign activity.”

Even after redistricting changes future district lines, Congressional members are generally careful not to send their staff into other existing congressional districts and do not make official public appearances.  Apparently Rep. Polis needs to review the guidance letter from the House Ethics Committee on redistricting.    Even if Rep. Polis manages to stay within House Ethics rules, his aggressive use of congressional staffers in cover areas outside his district is likely to trigger public scrutiny and criticism.  The editors here at TeaLiberty.com will keep our eyes peeled for Boulder congressional staffers who suddenly are discovering a keen interest in local government in Larimer County.

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Like the average Coloradoans they claim to represent, the Occupy Denver movement has grown bored with its Denver encampment.  That’s why they decided to strike in Loveland this week, joining West Coasters in an effort to obstruct commerce.  Protesters tried to disrupt a Walmart Distribution Center  in Loveland.  In fact, the Loveland Reporter-Herald article reports that one of the organizers was from Occupy Oakland.

Some folks thought my increasing “hippie ratio” prediction arising from Congressional Redistricting was extreme.  After all, how could moving Larimer County into Jared Polis’ Boulder-centric Second Congressional District change anything?  Well it took just one week people.   Soon, the peaceful citizens of Loveland will be subjected to a wave of UC-Boulder “College Know it All Hippies” that make South Park look like a documentary.


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Update:  For those who thought the Boulder-MMJ-Polis-Hippies-Fort Collins connection too improbable, consider this:  Rep. Jared Polis spent his first day on the judiciary committee grilling Attorney General Eric Holder about medical marijuana and not the “Fast & Furious” operation.

Colorado Democrats have declared that Boulder and Fort Collins are a single “community of interest” with the same basic liberal, college town mindset.  Pat Stryker of Fort Collins and Jared Polis of Boulder/Washington, D.C. want Fort Collins to become another progressive playground.

Some years ago ESPN broadcaster Colin Cowherd described why Dan Hawkins would  never have a successful football program at CU-Boulder while “facing the weird, libertine, hippy culture of Boulder, Colorado, the People’s Republic of Boulder.”  His rant is worth hearing:  both Part one and Part two.   Watch the graphics as well.   Cowherd describes the hippies of Boulder as “dabblers” who don’t commit to anything.  Any college town with too high a ratio of hippies is doomed.   You don’t get sacrifice and unity from hippies.

In short, hippies are not like Tim Tebow.   Hippies are the people mocking Tim Tebow.

Colorado State hopes to revamp its football program.  After just three days, the new athletic director fired coach Steve Fairchild.  At the youthful Rocky Mountain Collegian hope springs eternal, much like the Hope & Change of the Obama era.  If you look at the history of CSU football, there isn’t a great record of success.  But having Jared Polis advocate that you become more like Boulder can only spell doom for CSU football.

If Jared Polis represents Fort Collins from say, 2013 to 2023, the hippie ratio in Fort Collins can only spin dangerously out of control.  Sure Fort Collins, you succeeded in ending medical marijuana dispensaries with a slim 52 percent of the vote.  Initiative proponents even had money left over to donate to substance abuse recovery.  Enjoy the sober times–while they last.  In the next few years, Fort Collins could resemble Boulder on Hitler’s birthday.  Think about it, Fort Collins:  do you want to just become a satellite of CU-Boulder, or introduce Boulder to a dose of federal fiscal reality?  Fort Collins will be the deciding factor in whether the 2nd Congressional District remains the People’s Republic of Boulder or becomes a more mainstream district.

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TeaLiberty.com Exclusive:

State Senator Kevin Lundberg of Berthoud is considering a run for the Second Congressional District:

“With the new Congressional District plan I now live in the Second Congressional District, currently represented by Jared Polis. Therefore, today I am announcing the formation of a congressional exploratory committee to determine if I should run against Jared Polis in the 2012 election. To gauge the interest and potential support I have launched a website for the exploratory committee: http://www.kevinlundberg2012.com.”

Congressman Jared Polis and Pat Stryker of Fort Collins are two original members of the Gang of Four.  Their plan to transform Colorado into a political California East/ New York West is fully described in “The Blueprint,”  by Adam Schrager and Rob Witwer.   All signs suggest that Polis and Stryker had a major influence on the Democratic redistricting plan.  Polis does not fear a GOP challenge.  As one of the wealthiest members of Congress, he can always write a last minute check for attack ads.  If he doesn’t his Gang of Four friends will.

One point overlooked thus far in the media:  the Gang of Four have already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars against Kevin Lundberg.  Senator Lundberg easily won re-election in 2010, despite independent expenditures against him.  A group called Twenty First Century Colorado paid for a wave of negative mailings.  Those mailings largely targeted Democrats and independents and were apparently designed to boost progressive turnout in a Republican district.  The mailings were also intended to punish Kevin Lundberg, a socially conservative Republican, for consistently opposing the Progressive agenda.

Twenty First Century Colorado was a trade name for an independent group whose registered agent was Julie Wells.  Wells is the registered agent for a whole slew of  “independent committees” all coordinated by the Gang of Four and its allies.  According to followthemoney.org,  Twenty First Century Colorado spent $97,694 to support Kevin Lundberg’s opponent, and $125,158 to “support” Lundberg, for a total of $222,852.   Statewide, Twenty First Century spent over $2.7 million.    Lundberg’s 2010 opponent also benefited from $55,086 spent by The Neighborhood Project, another progressive money pot aimed at the Colorado legislature.

Can any Republican  win in the new Second Congressional District?  How will the perception of the district as a whole impact fundraising and grassroots activity–for any GOP candidate?  Would voters actually welcome a candidate who campaigns and votes on the basis of principle?  Senator Lundberg might well be the most principled member of the entire legislature.  He always votes his principles. The Colorado Union of Taxpayers has recognized Senator Lundberg as a Taxpayer Champion.  His consistency and reputation will win him grassroots conservative support in Larimer County.  Translating that into a winning campaign district-wide will be hard work.  Still, no other names have emerged.  TeaLiberty.com will keep readers informed as the list of GOP contenders should emerge very quickly.

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On November 10th, in a post on our web site titled “The Judgepocalypse: Ft. Collins & Boulder Together in Congressional Redistricting”, we wrote that a” Denver judge Robert Hyatt adopted a Democratic-proposed redistricting map.”

On Tuesday the Colorado Supreme Court rejected the newly drawn state House and Senate districts, saying too many counties were split by the boundaries. The court’s 4-2 decision sends the map back to the Colorado Reapportionment Commission, which must draw new maps and resubmit to the court by December 6th.

Republicans blasted the maps as unconstitutional. Ryan Call, Colorado’s GOP chairman, said that “the state Supreme Court’s decision today validates what Colorado Republicans have been arguing all along – the Reapportionment Commission must first look to keeping counties boundaries whole before looking to non-constitutional criteria in drawing district boundaries. Respecting county boundaries and communities of interest leads to more effective representation as legislators will better reflect the perspectives and needs of the communities they are chosen to represent.”

Several of us from Estes Park went down to Denver last spring for the hearings and saw first-hand how the Democrats desperately wanted to design as many “competitive” districts as possible. What they really meant was that they wanted to design the districts so that they had the best chance of gaining more seats for the Democrats. If you can’t win in the battle of ideas, then design the districts so that you have a better chance to win.

Hopefully with the new design, Fort Collins and Estes Park won’t be included with Boulder and Jefferson County.

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Yes, it’s true.  Denver judge Robert Hyatt adopted a Democratic-proposed redistricting map today.  Despite overwhelming contrary public testimony last spring about Larimer County’s communities of interest, the judge decided that Larimer County belongs with Boulder, Eagle, and Jefferson counties.   The new 4th Congressional District will instead include Douglas County, a mecca for Denver suburban farmers.

Democratic attorney Mark Grueskin waxes poetic about the “new Colorado.”  What it really means is a BrandonMander to benefit state senator Brandon Shaffer.  The “new Colorado” is also targeting Rep. Mike Coffman, a former statewide office-holder who could seek the governorship or a U.S. Senate seat in the future.

The good news is that the case can be appealed to the Colorado Supreme Court.  During oral argument that court expressed strong reservations with the Democratic-leaning  reapportionment plan, which also placed greated reliance on “competitiveness” than the constitutional criteria for reapportionment.  Besides, Clear the Bench Colorado is watching reapportionment, and will undoubtedly be all over redistricting as well.

If the Colorado Supreme Court fails to do the right thing, it will be time for Larimer residents to Re-occupy Denver.  That, or prepare for the Apocalypse that will result from being grouped with Boulder.

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Colorado’s political future is on trial, as a Denver court hears testimony in the congressional redistricting case.  According to testimony presented by the Democrats’ own map-drawing expert, the 4th Congressional District is not a competitive district for any potential Democratic candidate.  That’s bad news for state Senator Brandon Shaffer.

Shaeffer’s campaign had to submit its own legal brief to argue for keeping Longmont in the 4th CD.  Shaffer points to “Thiebaut Map 2” as his preferred solution.  Democrat Bill Thiebaut is the Pueblo County District Attorney.  Thiebaut decided to intervene in the redistricting litigation.  Why would a Pueblo elected official be looking out for Brandon Shaeffer?  TeaLiberty.com notices that Thiebaut is represented by former Democratic congressional candidate/former legislator Stan Matsunaka of Loveland.  Thiebaut is helping Shaffer  avoid filing his own maps–or being forced to support a GOP map that leaves Longmont in the 4th CD.

Shaffer’s entire argument hinges on convincing the court that Longmont has strong ties to agriculture in Weld County and Northeast Colorado. Unfortunately, Shaffer is also arguing the Eastern Plains need to be split between two districts, a move intended to boost his own election chances.  Prior courts have recognized the Eastern Plains as an agricultural community of interest.  It wasn’t until 2002 that a court included Longmont in that community of interest.  Now Shaffer wants to both divide that very same Eastern Plains community of interest–just to keep his Longmont home in the 4th CD.

Shaffer’s political party wants to go much farther.  Democrats hope to throw much of Larimer County into Jared Polis’ 2nd Congressional District in the name of “competitiveness.”  Recent trial testimony sought to justify joining Larimer County and Boulder by pointing out that both counties face the scourge of pine beetles.  Let us know when the federal government finds a cure for the pine beetle.

There’s a much longer list of reasons to keep Larimer in the 4th CD.   Public testimony, and e-mails submitted to the legislative Joint Redistricting Committee overwhelmingly supported keeping Larimer County in the 4th CD.  Democrats were so terrified of hearing even more unfavorable testimony against their Larimer-splitting plans that they refused to hear it last April.

Occupy Denver still hasn’t noticed.  The much less than one percent of the one percent are deciding our congressional districts.  Progressive activists are content to let the insiders make the decisions for them.  Looks like both the money people and the grassroots Dems are content with seeing Brandon Shaffer shunted aside.  That means the Democratic redistricting consultant is right:  Brandon Shaffer cannot win.



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