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Last night I sat down and read the 55 page booklet, From Shadow Party To Shadow Government, written by David Horowitz and John Perazzo.

I have seen programs that have talked about the Shadow Party but I was shocked by many of the things that I read in the booklet, especially the influence of the Shadow Party in Colorado Politics.

You will probably remember Barack Obama’s statement on October 30, 2008 when he said that “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” At that time many did not fully understand exactly what he was planning. Three plus years later many now understand what he was saying, and it is not what we want.

Did you know that in August 2008 at the Democrat National Convention in Denver that Rob Stien, an aide to Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown during the Clinton Administration, led a panel discussion about “The Colorado Miracle?” The Colorado Miracle was the stunning political development by several Soros-funded state organizations that changed both U.S. Senate seats, several congressional seats, the governorship, the secretary of state’s office, and both houses of the legislature from Republican to Democrat in November 2008. Their plan changed Colorado from a red state to a blue state in one election cycle. There plan was to take The Colorado Miracle and export it to other states across the country with the ultimate objective of taking control of the American political system.

Did you know that George Soros has been working on his Shadow Party plan for over 20 years?

Did you know that Colorado was a laboratory experiment for the Shadow Party?

Did you know that George Soros was behind HillaryCare? With HillaryCare, Soros wanted to ration care to terminal and seriously ill patients for whom medical attention offered little payoff and who were thus a burden on the system. It was the forerunner to the “Death Panels” in Obamacare.

Did you know that Soros was concerned about the unruly free speech that defeated HillaryCare are thus started working on campaign finance reform? He was successful in 2002 with the McCain-Feingold Act. And of course, because McCain helped Soros, he contributed to McCain’s campaign. The McCain-Feingold law effectively defunded the Democrat and Republican Parties and allowed Soros to step in with the Shadow Party composed of radical get-out-the-vote 527 funding entities.

Did you know that when the Shadow Party was launched on July 17, 2003 at George Soros’ Long Island estate that Progressive Insurance mogul Peter Lewis was in attendance and pledged $10 million to the cause on that day?

Did you know that after the Democrats won control of Congress in 2006 that Soros and SEIU president Andy Stern created a PAC that put pressure on congressional Democrats that did not support their cause?

Did you know that George Soros was the one who selected Barack Obama in December 2006 to be president? He selected Obama over Clinton because Obama shared all of Soros’ values and he could be counted on to support his causes. Soon after Obama was elected members of the Soros coalition began showing up in the administration, such as Van Jones.

Did you know that it was Soros that pushed for the stimulus package just a few days after Obama’s election that would provide funds for state and local governments? It was the first payoff to key Shadow Party elements.

Did you know that Obama’s hard-line foreign policy toward Israel is a result of George Soros’ full-blown hostility to the Jewish state? Soros is a Jew, and was an assistant to an official in the fascist government whose job it was to confiscate the property of Jews headed to the gas chambers.

The Shadow Party has united the forces of the radical and liberal left and has expelled moderates in the Democrat Party.

The Shadow Party is now the Shadow Government in the White House. Obama is the puppet, Soros is the puppet master.

Copies of From Shadow Party To Shadow Government can be ordered at www.FrontPageMag.com for $3.00

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