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The Loveland Reporter-Herald states that Mitt Romney will visit RV America in Johnstown, just south of Johnson’s Corner Truck stop on the Frontage Road by I-25.  As of Friday evening, this was still described as tentative.

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Rick Santorum has been campaigning in Colorado this week, trying to re-establish himself as the conservative challenger to Mitt Romney.  Yesterday in Woodland Park, he stressed that Mitt Romney as the author of “RomneyCare” cannot challenge the President for backing “ObamaCare.”  Santorum is also criticizing Gingrich for his prior support of a health insurance mandate.  Santorum recognizes that countries like Canada are free-riders when it comes to drug development costs.  If the United States stops paying for drug development costs, innovation will be curtailed.

James Dobson appeared with Santorum at a rally in Colorado Springs.  At that appearance Santorum acknowledged that his reputation as a staunch social conservative may have cost him votes in Florida, based upon whether he can beat President Obama in November.  Santorum insisted that the stated positions of both Romney and Gingrich do not differ significantly from his own stated positions.

The Tuesday caucuses have a great potential to shape the GOP Presidential primary.  The Nevada caucus on Saturday is expected to produce a Romney win, due in part to the high percentage of Mormans living in Nevada.


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According to a representative from the Larimer County Republican Party, Larimer County will be  ground zero for the Obama campaign. In fact, Northern Colorado backers have a  regional office in Fort Collins under the label “Organizing for America  Colorado.”

Only 10 states “caucus”, and Colorado is one of them. The first major caucus  event in Colorado that will set the ball rolling for the Republican presidential  nomination is on February 7. All registered Republican voters can take part in  this grass root event, but you must be a registered Republican (by Dec. 7).

The caucus process is ground level politics, where voter’s voices can be  heard. Considering our government was founded “by the people, for the people” (Gettysburg Address, 1863), it’s our responsibility to get involved in the  process.

A caucus is a gathering of voters by precinct in a central location. Estes  Park currently has 6 precincts. Four of those precincts will meet on Feb. 7,  2012 at the Estes Park High School commons. The other two caucus locations are  currently undecided, and in fact, the precinct lines could change because of the  2010 census. Precinct numbers are listed on voter registration cards, and  available online on the Larimer County site.

During a Republican caucus, voters are side by side with their neighbors.  They can make a case for a candidate and try to get others to vote with  them.

A number of things are determined at the Larimer County caucus’s, including  party leadership, delegates to party assemblies and convention, and election  judge affiliation. A straw poll will tell delegates who local voters want for  their presidential candidate. The caucus represents a local opinion on the  Republican presidential nominee, but it is not a vote. The delegates take that  information up the chain, all the way to the National Convention, where the  Republican candidate is ultimately selected (if there are still more than one  candidate in the race.) The vote happens at the primary.

The caucus is also a place to discuss and submit Republican resolutions for  the county platform, or the direction the party should go. This must be done in  writing and submitted to the Larimer  County Republican Party as soon as 24 hours after the caucus.

Redistricting after the 2010 census is currently under review, and may not be  decided until January. At that time, precincts and districts will be available  on the Larimer County site. Caucus locations will be available at that time and  place as well and here on examiner.com.

Get involved at every level and let your voice be heard. The first step is  the Larimer County Republican caucus on February 7. Doors and registration open  at 6:30 p.m., and the caucus begins at 7:00 p.m. The caucus will run from 1 to 2  hours.

If you are interested in getting involved, or would like more information, please contact us and you’ll be notified of  changes in caucus information in Larimer County.

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