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Perry Buck of Windsor announced her candidacy for House District 49 on Wednesday.  On Thursday January 12, Vicki Marble of Fort Collins announced at a meeting of the Larimer County Republican Central Committee that she had decided to run for Senate District 23 and would not challenge Buck in HD 49.  Marble and Buck approached the podium together, with Buck stating that she endorses Marble’s run for State Senate. Marble described the biggest difference between her and Buck as being “our  shoe size.”

Marble’s decision will likely prevent a contested primary in HD 49, but ensure a contested race in SD 23.  Representative Glenn Vaad of House District 48 found himself mapped out of his district by the Democratic reapportionment map.  Vaad also spoke, spoke about his budget record as a Weld County Commissioner.  Weld County has no debts and no county sales tax (in large part due to its oil & gas revenue).

For the 2011 session, Vaad earned a 50.0 rating from the Colorado Union of Taxpayers tied for 23rd out of 33 Republican House members.  (The best House score was an 85.19 by Don Beezley of Broomfield).   Vaad also has declined to sign the CUT Taxpayer Pledge, which can be found in the CUT 2011 legislative ratings.   You can also check out the votes CUT used in constructing its ratings.

The Larimer County Republican Central Committee elected Michael Fassi as its new chairman.  Fassi narrowly defeated Tom Buchanan, current Chairman of the Loveland 9/12 group.  Fassi stressed the importance uniting the Republican Party and raising money to counter the weight of President Obama’s $1 billlion national re-election campaign.

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