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With the U.S. Supreme Court upholding health insurance mandates, now is the time to learn the facts about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  This episode of Dr. Jill Vecchio’s videos describes health care exchanges, employer health care insurance mandates, waivers from the law issued to various Obama cronies (including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s entire state!).

The factual overview starts at about 1:15.  Watch these videos and you will be well-equipped to discuss the problems in store for Americans due to the PPACA or Obamacare.

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By Glenn & Terry Smith

Are we the only people who are worried?

The health care bill is taking away our freedom and increasing our healthcare costs. This will be the first time that the government has mandated that you must buy a product or service. If the government can mandate that you must buy health insurance, they can mandate that if you are over weight you must join a government approved health club or diet plan at your expense. Goodbye chips, donuts and ice cream. Dear Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, can I have popcorn at the movies. Healthcare coverage and what is included is no longer up to each individual for their specific needs, but decided by a government bureaucrat who knows what is best for you.

So far some of the mandates include:

Children up to age 26 can remain under their parent’s healthcare coverage; employers now must include coverage for contraception and abortion just to name two.

No matter what your view on these issues you should be aware that it increases your health insurance cost. Insurance companies don’t pickup the added cost; they pass it on to you.

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