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Unlike El Paso County, Larimer  County Republicans have dodged a divisive primary.  State Representative B.J. Nikkel announced that she will not seek reelection in 2012.

“I have decided not to seek reelection in 2012,” Nikkel announced. “While I am disappointed that Democrats on the Reapportionment Commission gerrymandered Brian [DelGrosso] and me into the same district, I am very proud of what we have accomplished in the state House. This year, I look forward to continuing to serve my constituents and the people of Colorado by building a better Colorado for them.” Nikkel has kind words for Rep. Brian DelGrosso of Loveland’s House District 51.  Speaker of the House Frank McNulty and Rep. Brian DelGrosso both thanked Nikkel for her service.

DelGrosso will still face a contested election.  According to his first campaign filing, Democratic Party challenger Mark Shaffer raised $10,209 in contributions and has nearly $10,000 on-hand.  Shaffer has contributors from afar afield as Arlington, Virginia , Upper Marlboro, Maryland and Marrero, Louisiana.  Shaffer also received a contribution from attorney Rich Ball of Loveland, who unsuccessfully challenged state Senator Kevin Lundberg in the 2010 election.

Shaffer’s wife Joan is on the Loveland City Council.  Shaffer’s website features photos of a reception held for Congressman Jared Polis in Loveland.  We wrote previously about how the City of Loveland used official resources  to promote Polis’ candidacy.  (LovelandPolitics.com had more details.)   House ethics rules also severely restrict sitting Congressmen from conducting constituent services outside their districts–even when

According to campaign finance filings,  DelGrosso had over $8,700 on hand on January 25.

Rep. Nikkel is the House Republican Whip, while Delgrosso is a freshman House member.  Democrats redrew House District 51 to include Rep. Nikkel’s residence near Carter Lake into a district dominated by Loveland.

Nikkel had apparently held open the chance of running in Loveland.  On January 17,  Nikkel transferred $7,066 from her House District 49 committee to a new committee for House District 51.  She did not raise any additional monies, however.

Nikkel now has the option of contributing those funds to a party committee, a charity, or refunding monies to her contributors.  She could also retain the funds for a future potential campaign, but in some cases the ability to roll the funds into a new campaign may be limited.  As an elected official, Nikkel has even more options for using the campaign funds.  She can use the funds to defray “reasonable and necessary” expenses of serving in the legislature, or donate the funds for post-secondary scholarships.  She could also choose to spend the money on voter registration drives or issue education.

The Democratic Party’s reapportionment targeted a number of Republican incumbents.  Rep. Amy Stephens, the House Majority Leader, was redrawn into a contested primary with Rep. Marsha Looper.  Looper is already sending direct mail pieces placing a photo of Stephens next to Barack Obama.  Stephens sponsored SB 11-200 in the last session, legislation that is intended to establish a state health care exchange in Colorado.  Stephens has countered by pointing to Looper’s support for SB 08-217, the Centennial Care Choices bill, which contained a health insurance mandate and higher taxes to fund it.

Conservatives in Larimer County will benefit from avoiding another primary forced by legislative reapportionment.  Both DelGrosso and Nikkel have been strong fiscal conservatives, as demonstrated by their Colorado Union of Taxpayers ratings.



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Due to the overwhelming interest in seeing Rick Santorum, the venue has been changed. He will be at the First National Bank Exhibit Hall at the Ranch (next to the Budweiser Event Center) instead of the American Eagle Distribution Center. The times haven’t changed. Doors will open at 3:15. Please forward this notice

RICK SANTORUM Northern Colorado Rally Saturday, February 4

4:30 pm – 5:30 pm First National Bank Exhibit Hall at the Ranch, Loveland

Rick Santorum will appear Saturday, February 4, in Loveland.  The rally will be at 4:30pm  at American Eagle Distributing, 3800 Clydesdale Parkway, Loveland, CO 80538.  Mitt Romney will appear Saturday in Colorado Springs.

A full list of candidate appearances in Colorado is available at ColoradoPeakPolitics.com.

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Like the average Coloradoans they claim to represent, the Occupy Denver movement has grown bored with its Denver encampment.  That’s why they decided to strike in Loveland this week, joining West Coasters in an effort to obstruct commerce.  Protesters tried to disrupt a Walmart Distribution Center  in Loveland.  In fact, the Loveland Reporter-Herald article reports that one of the organizers was from Occupy Oakland.

Some folks thought my increasing “hippie ratio” prediction arising from Congressional Redistricting was extreme.  After all, how could moving Larimer County into Jared Polis’ Boulder-centric Second Congressional District change anything?  Well it took just one week people.   Soon, the peaceful citizens of Loveland will be subjected to a wave of UC-Boulder “College Know it All Hippies” that make South Park look like a documentary.


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For years lovelandpolitics.com has been documenting the interplay of local politicians and private interests through the monstrosities known as “public-private partnerships.”  Like an umpire in a New York Yankees uniform, local politicians prefer to be players and not neutral arbitors among local businesses.  This week Lovelandpolitics wrote an excellent overview of the Good Old Boy Era of Loveland government.

If you want to understand the major problem with local American governments, start with lovelandpolitics.com.  The favoritism displyed by the Loveland City Council was bipartisan and always described as promoting business or jobs.  The result has been a city and local taxing districts saddled with lost tax revenue for decades to come.  The Palisades commercial development by McWhinney Enterprises was foreclosed.  Now, the Centerra Metropolitan District can’t repay its urban renewal bonds on time.  That’s just one of many failed schemes.  Check out the home page for links to archives documenting years of taxpayer abuse.

The present economic crisis resulted from such real estate schemes spread across an entire nation.  Mortgage brokers acted on behalf of borrowers who could not afford their loans.  Banks re-sold the mortgages to investors.   Wall Street made fees from repackaging and selling the loans as mortgage-backed securities.  Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac facilitated the market for mortgages by issuing such securities.    The Federal government encouraged such loans through implied & actual government guarantees made to Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac.   Ratings agencies enjoyed a government-mandated oligopoly in which three companies provided “independent” ratings required by federal and state laws.  Those agencies were paid by the companies issuing the securities.

Overseeing all of it were quiescent state and federal regulators who answered to elected officials.  Elected officials relied upon contributions from the very same companies that transferred the risk of the shaky investments to the U.S. taxpayers.

In July 2010, the Loveland City Council allowed the McWhinney-controlled Centerra Metro District to extend the maturity of its public bonds to the year 2040 (eleven years beyond the life of the urban renewal authority).  At the same time, the federal government is saddling future generations with $15 trillion in debt–which is still growing.

Lovelandpolitics.com also revealed the details of the City of Loveland’s scheme to subsidize vNet LLC.   vNet promised to create “new jobs.”  Just like Solyndra at the national level, the promised jobs have disappeared and taxpayers are left holding the bill.

It takes vigilance and a willingness to challenge the conventional wisdom to effect positive change.   The only way to put an end to crony capitalism is to begin chipping away at such business favoritism at the local level.  Every community in Colorado could use a watchdog like lovelandpolitics.com.

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