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Colorado could decide the entire Presidential election.  There are even scenarios where the electoral college results in a tie.  Joe Biden drew just 900 people to a Colorado rally in the last week.  Contrast that with the Romney rally at Red Rocks:

Of course a Vice Presidential rally is not the measure of a campaign.  Democrats are relying on the same play book that defeated Ken Buck in 2010, a historic year for conservatives and Republicans.

Here in Estes Park, both campaigns have offices.  The sheer volume of robocalls into Larimer County has overwhelmed most voters.  I’ve never heard so many expressions of voter fatigue on the eve of an election.

That’s why voter shaming is the newest and most effective tactic.  Both sides study the demographics of potential voters and identify likely supporters.  They then mail a list of voter participation with your name and the names of several of your neighbors.  The letter promises that a second letter will arrive after the election, reporting which of your neighbors voted.

Last-minute personal appeals can still cut through the clutter.  Talking to friends and neighbors to ensure they’ve voted can make a difference.  Try to go easy on the shaming though.

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With Vice President Joe Biden debating Paul Ryan this week, you might want to tune into the first debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.  The Biden gaffes will certainly all be covered by the mainstream media, so your time is better spent on the first Presidential debate.

Here are the highlights from the first debate. Notice how annoyed President Obama gets when Gov. Romney explains the importance of job creation.

Here is the full debate:

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The Loveland Reporter-Herald states that Mitt Romney will visit RV America in Johnstown, just south of Johnson’s Corner Truck stop on the Frontage Road by I-25.  As of Friday evening, this was still described as tentative.

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Due to the overwhelming interest in seeing Rick Santorum, the venue has been changed. He will be at the First National Bank Exhibit Hall at the Ranch (next to the Budweiser Event Center) instead of the American Eagle Distribution Center. The times haven’t changed. Doors will open at 3:15. Please forward this notice

RICK SANTORUM Northern Colorado Rally Saturday, February 4

4:30 pm – 5:30 pm First National Bank Exhibit Hall at the Ranch, Loveland

Rick Santorum will appear Saturday, February 4, in Loveland.  The rally will be at 4:30pm  at American Eagle Distributing, 3800 Clydesdale Parkway, Loveland, CO 80538.  Mitt Romney will appear Saturday in Colorado Springs.

A full list of candidate appearances in Colorado is available at ColoradoPeakPolitics.com.

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Today Mitt Roney managed to deliver the Democrats the most awesome out of context sound byte ever. It is clear he doesn’t understand or know how to articulate a conservative position on the issue. That is because he is not a conservative, he’s a liberal. Sounds like he is starting to implode. And this is the candidate that the establishment wants to run against Obama?

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Estes Park Tea Party PatriotsThe top four Republican Candidates have all presented their economic plans to revive our economy.

Here are the facts about Rick Perry’s Cut, Balance and Grow Plan, Mitt Romney’s 59-Point Jobs Plan, Herman Cain’s 999 Plan, and Newt Gingrich’s Jobs and Prosperity Plan.

Rick Perry’s Cut, Balance and Grow Plan – CUT Taxes and Spending, BALANCE the Budget by 2020, GROW Jobs and the Economy

  • Institute an individual flat income tax rate of 20%
  • Allow individuals to choose the existing tax system or the new flat tax system
  • Continue with deductions for mortgage interest, charity, and state & local taxes
  • Continue with the standard exemption for individuals and dependents of $12,500
  • Standard exemptions and other deductions would be phased out for incomes above $500,000
  • Eliminate the tax on social security benefits
  • Eliminate the tax on dividends and capital gains
  • Eliminate the death tax
  • No Federal sales tax or value added tax
  • Reduce the corporate income tax rate to 20%

The flat tax was first introduced by Steve Forbes back in 1996. It appears that Perry started with the flat tax system and then modified it to protect himself politically, since it has been a difficult tax system to sell to the American public. To me, it looks like he is trying to please all the people all the time by allowing individuals to choose between the existing tax system and his new flat tax system. Is that going to be confusing? Is that going to work? Won’t that cause a significant reduction in revenues?  Will the IRS be able to keep it straight?

Some other good aspects of Perry’s plan are;

  • All Federal regulations would automatically sunset unless congress renews them
  • Allow younger workers the option to invest in a personal retirement account
  • Return the Medicaid responsibility to the States
  • Cap Federal spending at 18% of GDP
  • Demand a Balanced Budget Amendment that does not raise taxes
  • End Baseline budgeting
  • Eliminate earmarks
  • No more bailouts
  • Repeal Obamacare
  • Repeal Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Repeal Dodd-Frank

Here is the link for more information about Rick Perry’s plan: http://www.rickperry.org/cut-balance-and-grow-html/

Here are the basics of Mitt Romney’s 59-Point Jobs Plan

  • Lower marginal tax rates
  • Eliminate interest, dividend, and capital gains taxes for middle-income  earners
  • Lower the corporate tax rate
  • Cut government regulations including Obamacare
  • More free trade agreements
  • Tougher stance on China
  • More domestic energy production “everywhere it can be done safely, taking into account local concerns”
  • Federal balanced budget amendment
  • Cutting the size of the federal workforce

Does this look like the typical GOP talking points? Is this specific? Are there any fresh ideas in his plan? Do you think there will really be more domestic energy production? The reason we don’t have any domestic energy production now is because there are local concerns about whether it can be done safely. How much does he plan to lower the tax rates? How about eliminating Obamacare?

Here is the link for more information about Mitt Romney’s plan: http://www.mittromney.com/jobs

Here are the three basic parts to Herman Cain’s 999 Plan

  • A 9% Business Flat Tax on gross income less all purchases from other U.S. located businesses, all capital investment, and net exports.
  • A 9% Individual Flat Tax on gross income less charitable deductions. All payroll taxes are eliminated. And eliminates the death tax.
  • A 9% National Sales Tax

As Herman Cain said many times in the last debate with Newt Gingrich, his plans are based on guiding principles. Here is the link to Herman Cain’s 999 plan: http://www.hermancain.com/999plan

Here are the basics of Newt Gingrich’s Jobs and Prosperity Plan

  • Stop the 2013 tax increases
  • Eliminating the capital gains tax
  • Reduce the corporate income tax to 12.5%
  • Allowing for 100% expensing of new equipment
  • Move toward an optional flat tax of 15% with a new personal deduction of $12,000
  • Repealing the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • Repealing the Dodd-Frank Law
  • Breaking up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  • Replacing the Environmental Protection Agency with an Environmental Solutions Agency that works collaboratively with local government and industry
  • Modernizing the Food and Drug Administration
  • Implement an American energy policy that removes obstacles to responsible energy development
  • Balance the budget
  • Repeal and replace Obamacare
  • Fundamental reform of entitlement programs

Here is the link to Newt Gingrich’s Jobs and Prosperity Plan: http://www.newt.org/solutions

Now a word about the Fair Tax

The Fair Tax:

  • Replaces all Federal income and payroll taxes.
  • Abolishes personal, corporate, estate, capital  gains, Social Security, Medicare, and Self-employment taxes.
  • Includes a National Retail Sales Tax
  • Includes a pre-bate on spending less than the poverty level
  • Eliminates the 16th Amendment

Leave a comment below about your thoughts about these plans!

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This article first appeared in the October 20, 2011 Estes Park News. You can check out the photos as well in the Estes Park News on-line editionuntil Thursday (page 47). Thank you to the Estes Park News for covering local events.

Straw Poll in Estes Park

By Michelle Hurni

A slice of Estes Park residents gathered at Village Pizza on Monday, October 17 for a social to discuss political ideas with like minded friends. The group of over 75 included military veterans, former school teachers, business owners, airline pilots, scientists, Democrats, independents, Republicans and Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith.

A straw poll was conducted over pizza, with businessman Herman Cain capturing 58% of republican votes. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney took second, with 17%. Michelle Bachmann and a write-in for“undecided” each captured 7%. The remaining votes went to other candidates, with 5% or less for each. On the Independent and Democrat side of the coin, not one selected re-electing President Barack Obama, but no write-ins were noted.

The theme the group agreed on for moving the United States of America in the right direction was overwhelmingly for limiting government spending and power, with business and the economy coming in a strong second. While progressive and liberal press focuses on the “occupy” movement, and claims the Tea Party is losing steam, the concerned Estes Park group remains focused on their basic values of smaller government, following the constitution, a balanced budget and self dependence, not government dependency.

In a poll that only 3% of the group chose “national security and foreign policy” as the number 1 priority moving forward, it appears businessman Herman Cain will have a good chance at gaining the nomination for the Republican party, despite many in the mainstream saying he’s unelectable because he’s never held public office and he’s too conservative. The same was said about Ronald Reagan by Gerald Ford in 1980. The field is still open, with the primaries scheduled to begin in January 2012.

The event was kept lighthearted, yet educational with trivia. Correct answers to the questions, how many amendments are in the U.S. Constitution (27); and what is the current national debt ($14.9 trillion) received Kristi’s Konservative Kookies.

Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith talked about the great state of Colorado and how lucky the residents are that control is kept at a local level.

Future events for the Estes Park Tea Party Patriots will be posted on TeaLiberty.com, or via e-mail (tealiberty@hotmail.com).

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