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Docs4 Patient Care is a national organization dedicated to educating the public about the flaws in ObamaCare as a way of reforming health care.  Physicians are uniquely positioned to understand the implications of ObamaCare, as its provisions begin taking effect in the years ahead.

As part of their educational effort, Dr. Jill Vecchio of Colorado produced a series of videos explaining different aspects of the health care law. art 2 of the series begins a discussion of spiraling medical costs.  Lots of factors contribute to higher health care costs, including overutilization, the costs of technology, bureaucracy, the pricing of services,  insurance coding and more.  Dr. Vecchio starts her presentation at 0:43.

Dr. Vecchio does an excellent job of explaining health care rationing toward the end.  Please share this with your friends.

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Rick Santorum has been campaigning in Colorado this week, trying to re-establish himself as the conservative challenger to Mitt Romney.  Yesterday in Woodland Park, he stressed that Mitt Romney as the author of “RomneyCare” cannot challenge the President for backing “ObamaCare.”  Santorum is also criticizing Gingrich for his prior support of a health insurance mandate.  Santorum recognizes that countries like Canada are free-riders when it comes to drug development costs.  If the United States stops paying for drug development costs, innovation will be curtailed.

James Dobson appeared with Santorum at a rally in Colorado Springs.  At that appearance Santorum acknowledged that his reputation as a staunch social conservative may have cost him votes in Florida, based upon whether he can beat President Obama in November.  Santorum insisted that the stated positions of both Romney and Gingrich do not differ significantly from his own stated positions.

The Tuesday caucuses have a great potential to shape the GOP Presidential primary.  The Nevada caucus on Saturday is expected to produce a Romney win, due in part to the high percentage of Mormans living in Nevada.


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